Waves Lease Pool (Mining Waves)

Lease your waves coins and start earning
Waves, MRT and other coins and token
The simple way to start mining Waves tokens

Address: 3PGr45VFDgK6KQmg1BZB2n1vGzgwAqt5RrC

How It Works?

Lease Waves

Lease Waves

It's simple and safe. Open your Waves lite client, choose Lease tab and send to our address: 3PGr45VFDgK6KQmg1BZB2n1vGzgwAqt5RrC

Waves Pool


Usually it's take a 1000 blocks. You can always check your current status in Waves explorer.

Free Waves

Get Waves

We will send your profit every week directly to your address.

Why our pool:

No fees

Right now we won't charge any fees.

No transactional fees

Reward payments are performed in our blocks, so this transactions are free for us.

All popular tokens as a fee

Contact us if you want your token to be accepted as a fee.

Extra Benefits & Notes:

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Node Services or Freelancing:

For any node related services or development of complex scripts. contact john@getfreewaves.com

We're constantly improving this service, Please donate few waves and help running this node forever with 100% payout policy: